La Marzocco - Linea PB - ABR (Auto)
La Marzocco - Linea PB - ABR (Auto) La Marzocco - Linea PB - ABR (Auto)


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We're extremely proud to distribute La Marzocco, who we consider to be make the best espresso machines in the world. Pioneers of the espresso world, La Marzocco produce equipment that is elegant, stylish, timeless, exceptionally well built and above all - are extremely reliable. When you invest in an espresso machine, buy the best you can afford, but one that is functional, quality and built to last.

There's a reason why La Marzocco is the most popular brand in the market - they are tried, tested and they deliver. We use their machines in all our locations and they never miss a beat.

The Linea PB:

The Linea PB ABR (Automatic / Auto Brew Ratio) is available in 2, 3 & 4 group models. With 2 pre-programmable buttons per group, it's perfect for settings where programmed shots are required for consistency and reliability. The PB has taken the original Linea classic and added features and finish that take the design to new heights.

Now with ABR technology:

With added ABR (auto brew ratio) technology, it also offers built in scales under each group that allows you to monitor shot volume either by mass or ratio.

Ratio mode: You program the preferred brew ratio into the machine. When preparing to an espresso shot, you place the loaded portafilter on the drip tray scale, allowing the espresso machine to weigh the ground coffee. You then engage the portafilter and activate the brewing cycle by selecting one of the programmed brew ratio buttons. The Ratio Mode will automatically stop the shot when the correct brew ratio is achieved.

Mass mode: You program the desired weight of the coffee you want to see going into your cup, without measuring the ground coffee dose. Once the volume you have programmed has been reached, the extraction automatically stops.

Either option will help resolve every barista’s main issues with producing consistent coffee – consistent grinding and dosing.


Official product description:

In crafting the Linea PB ABR, Piero Bambi refined and sharpened design elements and fine-tuned performance features that made the Linea Classic a specialty coffee icon. The Linea PB ABR, designed by and named in recognition of Piero Bambi, introduces a new level of performance, reliability, and craftsmanship that carries the Linea into the future in a manner that is familiar, yet also fresh and new.

The Linea PB ABR features the iconic La Marzocco polished stainless steel body, updated with simplified lines and a lower profile, equipped with exclusive, user friendly interface software that gives the barista direct functional control over boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap dose, auto-back flush as well as other options. Further, dual mode precision brewing in mass or ratio mode.


    • Taller cup version (For take away)
    • Cup warmer *
    • Barista lights *
    • High legs *

    *Special orders

    La Marzocco equipment comes with a full 1 year parts & labour warranty with Machina.  See our terms and conditions for further information

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    • Tech Spec:
      • Dual boilers (Stainless steel)
      • PID (Service boiler & brew boiler temperature controls)
      • Automatic cleaning cycle
      • Shot counters
      • Saturated groups
      • Built in drip tray scales (1 per group)
      • Portafilters & precision baskets
      • Full digital controls (Front facing LED display)
      • Piero group caps
      • ECO mode
      • USB port
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