Greener Sustainability Efforts

Greener Sustainability Efforts A few weeks ago we launched our Reusable Coffee Containers for our widest customer base - our local Edinburgh businesses. We're really excited about this change, and hope to develop it further.

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El Tambo - The Asociación and You

El Tambo - The Asociación and You This year, we've got El Tambo - a Colombian coffee from the Asociación de Mujeres Agropecuarias de Uribe. The Asociación itself is a community of farmers and landowners who've built a community among themselves.

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Rancho Grande - Big Flavour

Rancho Grande - Big Flavour We've quietly changed something, have you noticed? It's the Brazilian coffee we use in our big, sweet blend - Clockwork. This year we've chosen a new crop that brings life to the blend while still matching the flavour notes we all love.

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