Tiamo: V60 - Pour Over Kettle (600ml)


Tiamo have reacted to the demand from coffee drinkers to produce a more cost effective pour over kettle, for those wanting to avoid spending £40+ on more expensive brands.  Their 600ml pour over kettle is simple, well made and highly effective, giving those that want to experiment with pour over techniques the chance to do so without breaking the bank!

Its an elegant, but very functional product, made of lightweight metal with an angular metal handle, excellent for use with V60, Chemex or Aeropress.

Its long spout allows you to accurately control your water flow, plus due to its low position, it allows all water to leave the kettle if required.  It has excellent heat retention, reducing the potential for large temperature drops during brewing.

  • Features:

    • Weight: 330g (boxed)
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Product dimensions: 21.5cm (diameter) x 12cm (height)
  • There's loads of online resources for pour over techniques, with Brew Methods and Coffee Geek great places to start.
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Category: Tiamo

Type: Brewing equipment

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