Puly Caff: Milk Frother Cleaner (1 litre)


Puly Caff milk frother cleaner is heavy duty, fast working cleaning product for milk jugs, steam wands and automatic milk frothers.  It’s designed to quickly remove build up of milk residue (fatty deposits and hard milk), getting your machine parts and accessories back to clean and hygienic state, ready for use.

To clean steam tubes, place one dose of Puly Caff milk frother in a jug, fill with warm water and leave to soak for 10 minutes or overnight.  Remove any milk with a damp cloth, before washing down with clean water.  Never open the steam valve whilst the steam tube is submersed in the liquid, as this sometimes can cause back pressure, which will suck the detergent into the boiler.  Always run some steam out of your steam wands before use, to make sure that there is no cleaning product or residue caught inside.

  • Features:

    • Volume: 1 litre
    • Weight: 1.248kg
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Category: Puly Caff

Type: Barista Kit

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