Mazzer: Robur (On Demand) - Burr Grinder (Silver)
Mazzer: Robur (On Demand) - Burr Grinder (Silver) Mazzer: Robur (On Demand) - Burr Grinder (Silver) Mazzer: Robur (On Demand) - Burr Grinder (Silver) Mazzer: Robur (On Demand) - Burr Grinder (Silver) Mazzer: Robur (On Demand) - Burr Grinder (Silver)
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The Mazzer Robur E (electronic) is considered a leader in its class, suitable for high volume commercial use. It's extremely well built and heavy-duty, made of hardened and polished steel, offering precision on demand grinding, avoiding waste and ensuring fresh coffee every time.

It contains 71mm conical steel burrs, resulting in a very fast grind time; minimising the amount of heat transferred to the ground coffee. Due to the nature of conical burrs, it is also extremely quiet, perfect for locations that want to avoid high level noise that is common with so many commercial grinders. It features a patented step-less micrometrical grind adjustment mechanism, allowing you to precisely select the grind size that you want, delivering extremely consistent results and getting you as close as possible to the perfect espresso.

The Robur-E features electronic dosing controls, consisting of three buttons located on the lid on top of the silver funnel. The left button dispenses a single dose of coffee; the right button delivers a double dose, with the middle button delivering continuous grinding whilst pressed. There is also a digital display with a shot counter.

The Mazzer Robur-E delivers on looks, is amazingly well built, but most importantly provides amazing grind quality and distribution with little or no waste.  If you’re looking for an on demand grinder for a busy commercial environment that delivers consistent outstanding results, this is as good as it gets.

Mazzer grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base warranty including parts and labour. *See our terms and conditions for further information

Unsure if this grinder is a good match with your espresso machine? See our Grinder Guide

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  • Features:

    • Burr Size: 71mm
    • Burr Type: Steel conical burrs
    • Controls: Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment. Electronic dose adjustment. Single and double dose and continuous grind option
    • Doser / On Demand: On demand
    • Hopper capacity: 1.8kg
    • Portafilter Holder: Yes
    • Construction: Hardened steel
    • Finish: Silver
    • Weight: 28kg
    • Power: Standard UK 13amp plug 650w (220-240v)
    • RPM: 1400rpm
    • Dimensions: WDH: 24cm x 25cm (31cm Inc grind tray) x 72cm
  • There is a large amount of user resources on the Internet for Mazzer products, in terms of technique and maintenance.  Both Coffee Geek and Coffee Forums are both excellent places to start.  Spare parts for Mazzers are easy to source.  Do contact us if you have any questions about this grinder.
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