Mahlkonig: EK43 - Stepless Grinder (White)
£1,955.15 (Excluding VAT)
£2,346.18 (Including VAT)

For precision filter or espresso brewing, the Mahlkonig EK43 has taken things to the next level. If you're looking for a grinder that can deliver exceptional results, with an ultimately class 1 uniform grind with little or no grind retention, then the EK43 is probably what you are looking for.

The EK43 can jump from true Turkish or espresso grinding to any variant of brew method grind (Aeropress, Chemex, Kalita), without missing a beat. Not only will it grind to near on perfection, but the EK43 will deliver such uniformity across it's grind particle size, you will notice a huge difference in the cup in terms of the level of solids extracted from your coffee.

The Mahlkonig EK43 delivers on looks, is amazingly well built, but most importantly provides amazing grind quality and distribution with little or no waste.  If you’re looking for an on demand grinder for precise espresso and / or brew methods, this is officially as good as it gets.

Shipping time: 4-5 days, with full testing before being dispatched.

Mahlkonig grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base warranty including parts and labour. *See our terms and conditions for further information

For more information on specification and features, please contact us.
  • Features:

    • Burr Size: 98 mm
    • Grinding capacity: Fine - medium *1200-1500 g p/m @ 230 v
    • Burr Type: Steel flat burrs (also available in Turkish)
    • Controls: Step-less micrometrical grinding adjustment
    • Doser / On Demand: On demand
    • Hopper capacity: 1 KG *Upgrade to 3 KG on request
    • Construction: Cast steel
    • Finish: White
    • Weight: 24 KG
    • Power: 50/60 Hz / 220-240 v
    • Overload Protection: 7A @ 220 v
    • RPM: 1480 @ 50 Hz
    • Dimensions: WHD: 23 cm x 77 cm x 41 cm
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