Made by Knock - Feldgrind Hand Grinder - v2
Made by Knock - Feldgrind Hand Grinder - v2 Made by Knock - Feldgrind Hand Grinder - v2 Made by Knock - Feldgrind Hand Grinder - v2
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Made By Knock

Edinburgh made.

The best hand grinder in the world?

We think so.


Now on version 2

Feld2 - HONED is here.


The new Feld2 : Honed hand grinder is a fully realised home grinder bringing together everything that made the feldgrind such a success with home baristas and industry professionals alike.

UK made using a single piece burr housing upper, as seen on our travel focussed aergrind (and our original feldgrind prototype), it has an integrated dial-lid and crank rod with fuller handle for a super direct engagement when grinding, and a fuller improved grip.

These make the Feld2 simple to use and extremely easy to control, especially using the dial-lid's clear numbering and its simple, wide-ranging stepless adjustment.

With the feldgrind's classic 38mm nerost, black steel burrs custom hardened for durability and grind quality, the Feld 2 : Honed is equally at home grinding for ibrik or French press, espresso, drip or aeropress.

Knock grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base warranty with Machina. *See our terms and conditions for further information

  • Features:

    • Burr Type: Steel conicals.
    • Controls: Grind adjustment dial at top of handle fitting.
    • Grind Container: Approx 36g capacity.
    • Construction: Steel.
    • Finish: Anodised Black
  • The Feldgrind is arguably the best hand grinder in the world right now, alongside the US Lido. Check online for user feedback.  Supply is limited, and demand is high.
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