La Marzocco: Strada MP (Mechanical paddle)
La Marzocco: Strada MP (Mechanical paddle) La Marzocco: Strada MP (Mechanical paddle) La Marzocco: Strada MP (Mechanical paddle)


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Machina product intro:

We're extremely proud to distribute La Marzocco, who we consider to be make the best espresso machines in the world. Pioneers of the espresso world, La Marzocco produce equipment that is elegant, stylish, timeless, exceptionally well built and above all - are extremely reliable. We have learnt through experience that when you invest in an espresso machine, buy the best you can afford, but one that is functional, quality and built to last.

There's a reason why La Marzocco is the most popular brand in the market - they are tried, tested and they deliver. We use their machines in all our locations and they never miss a beat.

The Strada range are La Marzocco's high end machines, designed by baristas for baristas. They contain all the key elements that their other machines offer, but also offer some amazing features across pre-infusion, pressure profiling, temperature stability and customisation.

This is the MP (mechanical paddle) version of the Strada, available in 2 & 3 group models. With an mechanical paddle on each group, it's perfect for settings where baristas require extra control over the extraction process, through manual pre-infusion and pressure profiling.

Mechanical Paddle:

Electronically controlled gear pumps provide precise, direct pressure control. Motor speed is controlled with La Marzocco’s classic paddle interface. The Mechanical Paddle assures absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during the extraction and it is manually controlled by the barista.

Official product description:

La Marzocco set out to design the Strada range because of a shift in the market, by providing the barista full control over the brewing process as never before. As more coffee roasters began moving toward direct trade and relationship coffees, they realised there was a need for a more stable, reliable and versatile machine that enabled them to showcase the very best of these coffees.

Pressure profiling allows the barista to bring out different flavour components which affect the balance and body of the shot, and produce a rounder, softer espresso that highlights brightness, sweetness and delicate notes. The Strada MP enables the barista to create that perfect expression of a particular single origin coffee as an espresso, and reproduce a flavour profile that may be difficult to attain at a constant 9 bars of pressure.

Paddle specifics for this model:

The Strada MP (Mechanical paddle) allows you to apply two stages of pump pressure. The first movement (into the 2nd section of the paddle) adds increasing (scaled) pressure (pre-infusion), while the second movement (in the 3rd section of the paddle) moves pressure the pressure to the level set in the main pump.


  • Independent boilers (per group)
  • Thermal stability system
  • Dual PID (Boiler / brew temperature control)
  • Hot water economiser
  • Taller cup version - as standard (For take away)
  • Insulated boilers
  • Exposed groups
  • Digital display
  • Programmable pressure profiling
  • Proportional steam valve
  • Gear pumps
  • Portafilters & precision baskets


    • Cup warmer
    • Personalised colour

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