Brazil - Sitio Nossa (Natural) - Espresso


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This is a natural Brazilian single origin espresso.  It's currently (June 2017) our current single origin espresso served for milk based drinks in our own cafes. It offers great body with sweet nutty tones that work very well with milk, but also features a gentle lemon acidity that shines in short black drinks. Sitio Nossa comes from the new wave of Brazilian speciality coffee, boasting a finer cup with increased clarity and acidity than traditional Brazilian coffees.

The tasting notes we have attached to this coffee are: almond, orange zest, fudge & cacao nib.
  • Farm: Sitio Nossa
  • Varietal: Yellow catuai
  • Process: Natural
  • Elevation: 850-1150 masl
  • Weight: 250g
Roasted within 4 days of purchase, with a shelf life of 4 weeks (optimum serving point of 10-36 days).
Buy up to 4 bags of retail coffee and shipping will be fixed at £3.50.

Background info:
Located in the mountainous region of Sul De Minas, Sitio Nossa is perfectly situated to grow coffee in Brazil. The small 46 hectare farm - of which 26 hectares are coffee producing - has been under the ownership of Rogério Gil Lemos since 1999, after leaving his previous profession of dentistry and life in Sao Paulo behind. With the help of his wife Norimar Sampaio they purchased the farm from his niece and renamed it in honour of his mother-in-law who was devoted to the saint it is named after. They had their first harvest in 2000 and since then have invested in planting new coffee plants as well as rubber trees for diversification.

During the harvest the farm can produce 1200 bags per year. The farm has an array of fruit trees and an area of forest reserve in line with Brazilian law to ensure the protection of the environment. On the farm there are 4 permanent members of staff who help Rogério manage and run the farm. Since taking over Rogerio has fallen in love with coffee and is continually looking at ways to improve the quality they produce.

During the harvest between May and September the coffee is manually collected by around 23 pickers they hire from the local area. They look to train the pickers to select the ripest cherry to ensure the best quality. Once picked the coffee is transferred to cement patios where it is piled and turned regularly to ensure an even and uniform drying. Usually it is dried in 10-15 days but this can depend on the weather and sometimes if necessary they use a mechanical direr to hit their desired moisture readings of 11%.

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