Expobar: Office Leva - HX (Res & Plumb)
£1,209.00 (Excluding VAT)
£1,450.80 (Including VAT)

The Office Leva Heat Exchanger (HX) aka ‘the Brewtus’, is one of the most reliable and cost effective HX machines on the market.  A traditional Italian style, E61 Leva espresso machine with high-grade components that deliver fantastic results.

Through its heat exchanger design, the Office Leva HX is able to deliver separate and stable temperatures for both brew and steam, allowing you to brew espresso and steam milk at the same time. 

It features a fully commercial bronze E61 brew grouphead with pre-infusion (which pre-wets the ‘puck’ at a lower pressure to allow to grinds to expand – enabling a more evenly pulled shot of espresso). Additionally, it has a boiler pressure gauge, stainless steel steam wand, separate hot water tap and a large stainless steel drip tray.

This version features an internal reservoir and main water connection.

This machine comes with a standard 1 year back to base warranty with Machina.  *See  terms and conditions  for further information.

For more information on specification and features, please contact us.

  • Features:

    • Brew Group: Chrome-plated brass group directly attached to the boiler
    • Portafilter: Heavy duty, commercial style 58mm portafilter
    • Pre-infusion: Delivered via the thermosyphon E61 group
    • Steam Wand: Stainless steel wand with single hole tip (2 and 4 hole tip connections available)
    • Hot Water Tap: Separate hot water tap on left side of machine
    • Boiler: 1.5l fully insulated copper boiler with brass ends
    • Pump: Domestic vibration pump.
    • Water sources: Interchangeable between a 2.9l removable tank & direct water connection
    • Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel
    • Cup tray: Large 25cm x 25cm cup tray with option to fit a surround
    • Drip Tray: Large 2.5l drip tray made of stainless steel
    • Power: Standard UK 13amp plug (1200w / 220v)
    • Weight: 26kg
    • Dimensions: 260mm Width x 450mm Depth x 400mm Height
    • Included: 1 double spout portafilter, 1 single basket, 1 double basket, manual, main connection kit, additional water softener / filter and coffee scoop
  • Further features which make this machine ideal for home use, include:
    • Auto cut off function, protects the boiler from burn out if the supply of water ever runs out 
    • Auto boiler refill function, drawing water from either the mains or reservoir when required
    • The internal reservoir is easily accessed for refilling, just under the removable cup warmer
    • Runs from an internal reservoir by default, but can be connected to a mains water connection if required (mains connection kit included in the package) 
    • Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel with a 2mm outer casing
    • An insulated copper HX boiler (which enables simultaneous steaming and brewing)
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