Kit Review - Rocket Giotto Premium Plus V2

The Rocket Giotto Premium Plus V2 is a mix of beautiful Italian craftsmanship and advanced technology, which delivers consistently amazing espresso with style. It's a fantastic machine for home, the office or a low volume commercial setting such as a bar or restaurant. 

In the world of HX espresso machines, the Premium Plus is up there with the best of them. It has an amazing build quality, including a commercial grade E61 group, a cool to touch steam wand and separate hot water tap, allowing the machine to be used for teas and Americano coffees alongside espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

At £1199.00 the Giotto Premium Plus V2 comes in around the upper middle to top end of HX machines. If you are looking for a machine that delivers on quality, but does not scrimp on style, this is the machine for you...

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Kit Review - Eureka Zenith Club-E Grinder

We were very excited to receive our shipment of the Zenith Club-E; a grinder that on paper looks like it could rival more expensive grinders on performance and also price.

We were not disappointed - with the team at Machina agreeing that it matches the Mazzer Super Jolly-E in performance, whilst being much better value at £499; around £300 less than the SJ E which is a considerable saving.

One of the best grinders out there for the money? We certainly think so...

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We’re live

After almost two years of hard work and researching products we love, we’re really excited to be launching our online shop.

Our site is aimed at presenting quality coffee gear in a really clean and transparent fashion; without the gimmicks.  Our vision for Machina was to create an accessible and user friendly online store which helps coffee lovers make the right choice when picking equipment.  That is why we’ve included the resources section and detailed product descriptions.  We also plan to include more user information, tips and tricks, from our own bench-testing of products this summer.

We are coffee (and kit) geeks, and love what we sell, so if you do get in touch you’ll be speaking with friendly people who really care about what they sell...

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